Clash of Kings: The West App Reviews

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Clash of kings the west

Works terrible on iPad.

They are a thiefs, bad game, don’t play

They are a thief, they put the computer to atack you! Still your money and time!

Worse app ever!!!!!

I have been playing cok for three years and joined the west when it first came out. The game in the west is nothing but a joke! The mods constantly accuse and harass players and the game rips people off while cheaters and hackers go untouched. Elex doesn’t care about its players. I spent thousands in this game and it’s a total waste of money. Game needs to not be supported by google and Apple. More unhappy players then happy players.

Dead game

Development has ceased. People are becoming bored and leaving.

Horrible customer service

The game can be fun but to stay competitive you have to spend money and when there are glitches in the game...and there is plenty of that, you won’t get reimbursed and customer service rarely works. Expect to spend several hours on the game to keep up with it! If you have a life, responsibilities or a family...this is not the game for you. Wish I would have never played it!

Insane amount of time and money

You should change the game to only allow one account per IP address and cap spending at $100 a week. No more rich bullies with zero skills; no more multi account bot farmers. 🤗

Sir Crash Allot

It crashes after I do about six actions! "War" rules the map so what's next when one team rules the Realm??? Unless you have lots of money to spend you'll be running slow and end up being a farm for the "War Alliance"!

So poor app

Iam cok but it was crush before 2 years ago . Now in days cok the west is crush on my phone. Will soon iam leave the game . Plz fix the problem!!....

Very bad

It is not a safe game, you invest money and time, and in one day you lose everything and they do not help you recover it.


Love this game

Not a game for non spenders

If you enjoy spending time to advance other players than this game is for you. If you enjoy spending money to benefit others than this game is for you. Do not play this game if you expect to grow without spending a lot of money.

Binding issues

The game will not let me bind my gamecenter it is not bonded to anything but it will bind on the regular clash of kings

Game is awesome

This game is great except it’s becoming nothing but a money grab. Only people with money will dominate in this game.

Pay to win don’t play with iOS

This is the type of game that the spenders grow and overtake the non-spenders or not so much spenders. The other players makes this game great. If you’re in a great alliance it’s fantastic. iOS is horrible they take forever for updates. MOD said IOS takes 14 days to approve and if it’s not they fix it. Then another 14 days to approve. I know at least 5 people in my alliance that switched to Android this month mad at Apple. This game is that important to them. I’m considering getting another device that’s android to play the game. Since all my friends say it’s so great.

It says the WEST

Yet, it's full of foreigners. Mostly Asians and Indians... 👎🏻


Love this game

Very good so far!

Smooth gameplay but always behind android updates that needs to be fixed sometime soon!! Thank you!

By me

Hi ❤️


Grate game


Kingdom 34

muchos errores en la nueva versión y no solucionan nunca 👎👎👎👎


Great strategy game

This is a great version of COK. It has a more intimate feel to it. Lots of great gameplay as the reg COK - I'd suggest this one esp for newer players

Cok The West Kingdom 42

Several Glitches but not as bad as Cok original. Takes too long to upgrade without Lot of money - thousands of dollars. Little guys need more help. Number 100 had 128 million power already. We just can't compete with guys like that.

Better version then original CoK!

I think "The West" CoK is better than original because you can start a first alliance fort in it without 40 castles. I think that is fair. I subscribe to the west pack every month and sometimes buy extra packages also. I enjoy billing things. There should be more to build in the game. I think that it would be cool to have an alliance barracks building that you can pre donate food to and then board your troops in it. Depending on how much food you donated, the barracks would temporarily take over troop upkeep duty from the castle you want to upgrade to a higher level.

Great game

Great game to play. I really enjoy the people that play.


Great game


game is fun thx

Awesome game

This is the sequel to the original COK. I believe it is better than the original. Most things are the same but the control over purchases and closer monitoring makes gameplay better and a little more even for players without funds for in app purchases.

Don't bother

They say it's not CoK, but it is. The price on gold is STUPID high. Not worth it.


Awesome game great friends unlike any strategy game I've played and I've played for years;)

Company only cares about big spenders.

Used to be a good game. Not anymore.


This game this game. I've been playing for a year. Doesn't matter how much I pay to play, I can't ever seem to move ahead. Not to mention that we as players are supposed to be notified when being attacked or scouted, but that doesn't happen. I can get attacked by other played 30 times in Row and not one single notification will be sent to inform me. I've sent 2 - 3 messages through Facebook to Elexapp to address these mishaps, and hopefully get these issues resolved. No one has yet to respond. I don't want money, but I do want to be compensated for my continued losses, which are at my expense, of course. However I do enjoy the fact that my personal Facebook page is littered with Free advertising posts from the game and Elexapp that I did not authorize nor do I get any compensation for. COK AND COK2 have become harbors for a bugged out game. And a gaming company that does not care about their users. I will not spend another cent on either game until I get a response from Elexapp. And I will continue to post my reviews on Fb, Twitter, ign, and everywhere else. I was ready to take this game on with full enthusiasm. However it's been a constant headache. I'm constantly have to delete the app just to reinstall again and again to get over crash issues. I would've dropped it and stopped playing had I not purchased a few power packs and such. But at this point I'm just done. I set my self up for attack and defense, just to have the app crash and leave me vulnerable (I got done in). And when I bring up these issues and more to the MOD, all I get is,"I apologize". smh. I wish I could get a refund for my hard earned money on a bogus experience Thanks for the headaches COK. WHEN ARE YALL GONNG TO RESPOND??

Too many bugs

Slow response from developers that usually says they don't have an answer or are working on the problem.

Great game



I keep getting kick out of the game😑

Greedy game !!

Don't play this game cuz it's a game only for spenders and if you don't spend you will get killed , everything is about money ... also bad support not even answering or solving any problems ...

Love and Hate it

I love this game, but it obviously has big issues. A lot of delayed chat and the fluidity of the game can lag at times. The action and rush to you feel behind the war aspect is what makes it fun. As a spender of in App purchases, they need to give better rewards if they intend on having people buy. But overall it's a fun game and worth the time.

Only cheaters can play

This game should be simple but it's not. I just quit after a years worth of playing. You should not be allowed to have multiple accounts. This game should be on a level playing field. People are forming super alliances. The developers of this game don't do anything to address this issue. DONE!!!!


Muy buen juego, entretenido y muy bueno para matar tiempo😂 te estas horas jugando y no te das cuenta



Best game ever

Awesome game

One of the best

There are tons of busy work to keep you occupied. The gear system is fun and easy for all. A much more even field.

Best game ever played

This is the best game ever, no bugs always loads and the graphics are very good. Play it everyday and never have problems.. the staff is always helpful and fair . A must get game you will love it . It is great

Cok rocks

Awesome game!!!


Very addictive and fun.

Great game

Bad company pay to win time waste cant hit 30 unless you pay money

Battery problem

I'm play Cok the west.But this game is so quickly lost my battery .iOS is 10.2.1.

Great game

Really fun game


This game used to be awesome! Now it is horrible! They created a new "event" called cross kingdom invaders where people from the very first kingdoms with some of the largest castles can invade the newer kingdoms for an hour and attack anything they want. This makes it impossible for small or new players to grow! Don't download this game! It isn't worth your time or frustration!

Don't download

Stupidest event ! Invaders from kingdom 1-10 invading kingdoms 20-24 when they are older and stronger than us ! They are at least 5 months older ! Very UNFAIR ! leaving the game like most of the players !

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